Philosophy and Practice

The philosophy of Spinology recognises that for human potential to be fully expressed all aspects of life, tangible and intangible, must interact harmoniously together. Such harmonious interaction is dependent upon the nerve system which integrates and coordinates every expression of life.                                                    The practice of Spinology seeks to maintain the mechanical integrity of the spinal column so that the nerve system, free from any interference, can in fact integrate and harmonize every expression of life.                          The ultimate objective of Spinology is to restore human beings to harmonious unity of mind, body and spirit for the fulfilment of their life potential. 

Only when people are thus restored to harmony within themselves can they express all of their potential and achieve harmony with others for a better world.
The practice of Spinology would appear, on the surface, to bear some resemblance to the healing arts practices of chiropractic, osteopathy, and others.
However, such appearance is deceptive. Spinology is neither a therapy nor a healing art. Spinologists are not doctors.
They do not diagnose or treat disease, or give advice or referrals about disease.